What is offer Letter?

      A job offer letter is a formal letter which is provided to employees by it employers as a formal invitation for being an employee his company.
   Basically it is presented by company for providing the details of terms and condition of his and her employment, here you can get the full details of important elements that should be compulsorily should be there in the job offer letter,
If you are writing the offer letter than to any employee than, you should always take care of the language of writing and terms that you are using in the letter, Though once the letter is being presented it cannot be changed or cancelled depending on the condition and scenario,
An offer letter should always contain the following important points:
·       Organization, that will make him the clear picture of his role in the company. 
·       It’s should contain the proper designation of employee in company.
·       Proper details of his salary should be mentioned in the letter, with all the benefits apart from salary that company will provide him uring his employment,
·       If the company is hiring any employee and putting an employee on probation period or putting an employee in trainee in org then the terms and condition of his regular joining should be properly mentioned in his letter , for safer side if possible then same should be informed him about this,
·       The most important thing i.e the furture of employee that is going to be in the company,

Job Offer Letter Sample

ABCD Enterprises {Name of company}
P.O. Box 123 • Any City • Any State • 00000 {Address}
Phone 555-555-0000
JAN 1, 20xx
Rahul raina { Name of employee} 123 Any Street { Address of employe}
Any City, 00000
Dear Rahul Raina:
ABCD Enterprises, is pleased to offer you a job as a Sr. Engineer. We trust that your experience, knowledge, and skill will be useful for our organization.
         Our company will hire you first on probation period of six months if you performance has be proper and good, then we will like to hir you on permanent basis, We believe that you will be a good asset for the company in future,
If you accept this offer then you will receive the Should you accept this job offer, you'll be eligible to receive the following beginning on your hire date.
  • Salary: Annual gross starting salary of $50,100, paid in monthly basis by your choice of check or direct deposit in your account.
  • Performance Bonuses: Upto 5% of your annual of your salary, paid quarterly by your choice of check or direct deposit in your account.
  • Stock Options: 100 Acme stock options in first year, vested in four years at the rate of 130 shares per year
  • Benefits: Standard, ABCD Enterprises will provide benefits for salaried-exempt employees, include the following
    • 601 (k) retirement account
    • Annually  stock option
    • Your Child day care assistance
    • Education assistance to your child
    • Health insurance for you and your family,
    • Profit sharing with you in the modes of shares depending,
    • Paid Sick leave
    • Paid Vacation and personal days leave
 To accept this job offer:
1.    Sign this job offer letter where indicated below.
2.    Sign Where in enclosed Noncompete Agreement where indicated.
3.    Sign Where in Confidentiality Agreement where indicated.
4.    Sign Where in the enclosed At-Will Employment Confirmation where indicated.
5.    Submit all pages that has signed and dated documents listed above back to us in the enclosed business-reply envelope, to arrive Friday, April 18, 20xx. A copy of document is enclosed for your records.
6.    Attend new-hire orientation on Tuesday, April 22, 20xx, beginning at 10 a.m.
To decline this job offer:
1.    Sign and this job offer letter where indicated below.
2.    Submit this job offer letter back to us in the enclosed.business reply envelope, to arrive by Friday, April 18, 20xx.

 That letter may also includes various other type of information are has follow:

  • Name of employee. 
  • Address of employee, 
  • Tittle of position and its description,
  • type of remuneration or salary that he will get from company it may be Yearly/Quarterly or monthly basis etc.
    Always you should take two copies of offer letter an both shoul be signed by authorized person of company for formally it shoul provie to employee for signature employee can take one of those  letter but other he should be signed and should be submit to an authorized person  of organization for future records