How can I apply for Temporary User ID, as an unregistered user, at the GST Portal ?

We can apply for temporary user ID, as an unregistered user, at the GST Portal, perform following steps:

1. for registering the temporary user id as an unregistered user we can access thewebslte of Gst portal. The GST Home page is displayed.

2. Kindly please follow the steps given here Go to services > User Services > Generate User ID for Unregistered Applicant.

3. undergo the Warning message and click on Yes.

4. The New page for Registration for Unregistered Applicant will displayed.

5. we will have to Select whether that whether we are Resident or a Non Resident.

6. Kindly please fill the small letter on this page that include State / UT that User ID is required, Legal Name of the Applicant that we required, brand name, Constitution of Business, PAN of the Applicant, details of authorized signatory and address of the applicant.

For Non Resident users, PAN isn't mandatory for regisering Temporary User ID, as an unregistered user, at the GST Portal.

District field is an optional for Non Resident users.

we can click on ADD button to feature a licensed Signatory. Maximum we can add two Authorized Signatories are often added.

7. Once you've got filled the applic , enter the Captcha text and click on the PROCEED button.

8. you'll receive Email OTP on the e-mail address mentioned within the New Registration for Unregistered Applicant page. within the Verify OTP page, enter the e-mail OTP.

9. Click the PROCEED button.

10. On successfully entering the OTP, you'll get a hit message that temporary User ID has been created and details are sent to registered e-mail ID.

11. Once the Temporary User ID is made , you'll receive your Temporary User ID and password to login to the GST Portal on your registered e-mail ID.

12. you'll also edit your profile details after logging to the GST Portal. Navigate to (EDIT PROFILE) button on the dashboard to edit and update details of authorized signatory and address of the applicantion.

13. Click the EDIT icon to edit the small print .

14. Edit brand name , details of the authorized signatory and address of the applicant, as needed and click on UPDATE button.

15. Click PROCEED.

16. a hit message is displayed that profile has been updated successfully. Once profile is updated, user will get an intimation on registered email ID.

The Questions that always come in our mind when we a registring for emporary user id as an unregistered user at gst portal,

A) who can register for temporary user ID of GST?
Ans. the entity or Applicant who is not registered or not liable for registering gst on gst portal, though they can only register for temporary user id of gst, this id provides them certain facility on gst poratl.

B) An Non-resident person can apply for gst temporary user id ?
Ans. Yes, Non- resident person can apply for gst on gst portal.

C) What documents required for registering temporary user id on gst portal ?
Ans. we don't have to provide any personal or individual documents at the time of registering temporary user id of gst, we just have to provide few basic details at the time of filling application.

D) What are the activities can be performed with temporary user ID ? 
Ans. the activities that can be performed after registering temporary user id is track application status, create challan, view ledger, search taxpayer etc.  

E) How Many signatory details can be added in temporary user id ?
Ans. We can add maximum 2 signatory details in temporary user id on gst portal.