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GST revocation of cancellation of registration done by the Tax Official ?

To apply for gst revocation of cancellation of registration by Tax Official, please perform the subsequent steps:

1. Access the https://www.gst.gov.in/ URL. The GST Home page is displayed.

3. Login  the GST Portal using your earlier login credentials (i.e. credentials using which you were logging  the GST Portal earlier).

2. Click on the  Services > Registration > Application for Revocation of Cancelled Registration option.

3. within the Reason for gst revocation of cancellation field, enter the rationale for gst revocation of cancellation of registration.

4. Click the Choose File button to connect any supporting document.

5. Select the Verification checkbox.

6. within the Name of Authorized Signatory drop-down list, select the name of authorized signatory.

7. within the Place field, enter the place where the appliance is filed.

Note: you'll click the SAVE button to save lots of the appliance form and retrieve it later.

8. Click the SUBMIT WITH DSC or SUBMIT WITH EVC button.

 In case of SUBMIT WITH DSC:

9. Click the PROCEED button.


9. Enter the OTP sent to email address of the Authorized Signatory registered at the GST Portal and click on the VALIDATE OTP button.


The success message is displayed. you'll receive the acknowledgement in next quarter-hour on your registered e-mail address and mobile number. Application Reference Number (ARN) receipt is shipped on your e-mail address and mobile number.

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