How to setup up DSC for iec registration ?

IEC Plays a very important role with trading in abroad, in this era of new technology the privacy an polices are also keep on changing to avoid fraudulent with the privacy of business holder and their business,

As same with 
registration of iec code online, the government have make changes of their dgft websites by keping the privacy of business and their entity, in these digital word the chances of fraud with various technology cannot be avoided, though the government of DGFT ( Directorate general of foreign trade) have came up with new changes on dgft portal that to decrease the chances of avoiding the fraud digitally.

   The government have update their dgft website click here to see,

Now while filling the application for iec code online then, the applicant will have to attached their dsc of class three with their aplicaton to avoid the fraud and to verify their entity properly,

As per the information technology Act 2000, the (DSC)digital signature certificate can be used on electronic form submission in order to authenticate the documents properly.

While filling iec code application onlin, in regarding with dsc we the questions that always comes in our minds,

A) Why DFT has made dsc compulsory for iec ? 
Ans. To prevent the fraud and to verify the entity and its documents and to update the documents properly.

B) What type of DSC tokens are being allowded in IEC application and its validation ? 
Ans. a) for individual and HUF : Name of the token must must match karta as in HUF and iec profile holder in case of individual.
b) other then individual and HUF : Name of the dsc token should match partner, director, or iec profile holder And organization name should match the profile of iec code.

c) What class of token is required ? 
Ans. All class tokens that is being issued for iec and class 2 and 3 and on the name of organisation. 

4) How to use dsc to sign new IEC code application ?  
Ans. a) Make sure your DSC digital signature driver must be installed in system that it can read dsc token.
b) at the timins of signing iec application make sure that the status of DSC must me i status if  "Running" (Window+R) command and invoke "services.msc"

5) What should be do if it through the error " DSC token is not connected in system" ?
Ans. a) Please remove the dsc and inesert it again.
b) wether emBridge is being installed or running properly in system or not.
c) whether the dsc token inserted in system qualify the above creteira or not.

6) What to do if it says service status is "Not found" ?Ans.